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Network and Partnership Security

Network layer – Our network is protected by top-of-the line
firewalls from industry-leading vendors. We employ security
measures that go beyond what the industry deems satisfactory.

Internal Systems Security – Various security measures are
employed and enforced inside of the perimeter firewalls. The
exact nature of these measures is kept confidential.

Operating System Security – All operating systems are kept
current with all the patches recommended by their vendors. All
unnecessary users, protocols, and ports are disabled and

Database Security – Our databases can only be accessed
through trusted authentication and are kept inside layers of

Data Security –  Our employees do not have direct access to
production equipment, except where necessary for system
management, maintenance, monitoring, and backups. We do
not outsource data management to service providers. Only
qualified employees are allowed to access database servers,
and only when their access is absolutely necessary. Our
technical support engineers only log into your account when you
specifically authorize them to do so, and only to resolve
problems or issues reported by you.

Reliability and Backup – Our database infrastructure is
clustered: if there is a hardware failure of any sort, other servers
in the cluster automatically and immediately take over the work
of the failed server. Mirrored and cold-backup servers are
available to be deployed if necessary. We backup all data and
applications daily to disk and tape to minimize any risk of data

Data Encryption – 100% data encryption through the same
industry-standard SSL security. This ensures secure data
transfer between the user and our servers.

through trusted

Our database
is clustered.