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Terms of Use for posting thefts, criminal complaints and tips

Posting a theft or criminal complaint into this database means you, the posting individual, takes full responsibility for information
provided. You agree that the information you provide is completely voluntary and truthful. You hold Swift Report Network, Strategic
Motion, its agents & Searchjet Members, employees, affiliates, insurance companies and law enforcement completely harmless
and free from any liability for any action or reaction resulting from said posting, for any reason, stated or implied.

Posting individual (You) agrees personal contact information within this site is for the purpose of appropriate contact between you
and Swift Report Network administration. You will never be contacted by another posting individual because your contact
information is private and held in a secure database. Providing your information means you, the posting individual, are willing to
have a Swift Report Network agent contact you once a tip is provided. Failure to provide contact information does not exclude your
crime report or tip.

Swift Report Network agrees to forward all tips to the appropriate party or parties as requested by you, the posting individual, as
you indicate in your theft posting. All postings are subject to approval by SRNetwork before being available to the general public.
SRNetwork reserves the right to reject and/or remove any posting for any reason at any time.

No information will be sold or given to anyone for any reason, unless you specifically request us to contact law enforcement or
other investigative agencies.

Swift Report Network does not sell or provide access to any email addresses, names or private information in our database.
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