Swift Report Network All information made available by the actual crime victim
The only victim-managed theft reporting database Nationwide Crime & Stolen Property Database

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Terms of Use for Posting Offense

Posting an offense into this database means
you, the posting individual, takes full
responsibility for information provided. You
agree that the information you provide is
completely voluntary and truthful. You hold
Swift Report Network, Strategic Motion, its
agents, employees, affiliates, insurance
companies and law enforcement completely
harmless and free from any liability for any
action or reaction resulting from said posting,
for any reason.

Posting individual agrees any request for
of appropriate contact between the posting
recipient. This information is voluntary.
recipient. This information is voluntary.
Providing personal information means the
posting individual is willing to have this
connection established, once a tip is
provided. Failure to provide personal
information does not exclude your crime
report or tip. Exclusion means you will be
completely anonymous to the information

Swift Report Network agrees to forward all
postings to the appropriate party or parties
as requested by the posting individual as
received. All postings are subject to approval
by SRNetwork before being available to the
general public. SRNetwork reserves the right
to reject and/or remove any posting for any
reason at any time.

No information will be sold or given to
anyone other than as requested by the
posting individual.

Each posting will be assigned to a property
recovery specialist of Swift Report Network
for follow up.